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Mercedes hits maid carrying baby

October 17, 2012 - 1:29am


TNP PHOTO: Kelvin Chng

A maid carrying a baby while crossing the road was hit by a silver Mercedes-Benz at Hillview Avenue yesterday.

The impact sent the baby flying across the road divider, landing almost 3m away. The maid was also flung into the air.

Fortunately, both survived. The baby has been discharged from hospital while the maid remains hospitalised. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said that a woman in her 30s suffered injuries to her head and was suspected to have spinal injuries.



In my opinion, both are at fault. The maid in the 1st place should be more vigilant while crossing a 'non-zebra cross' road. And at the same time, I lived around Hillview & I am a driver too. Vehicles usually speed like they're rushing to heaven's gate!! More speed camera pls

Is there safe provision for people to cross the road near bus stop? Obviously there is a need for people to cross the road in order to take the bus, no? 


FrancisC, so a pedestrian crossing at every bus stop?

Everyday there are many type of accident happen in the city or any other places and create more problem for the people. So how can every people conscious about this matter and drive in a safe way to avoid the accident. Accident can happen due to many type of causes, so always follow the traffic rules and the safety of the driving.

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