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Confessions of a food stylist

April 27, 2014 - 12:53am



Mr John Sawarto's job is to make food look so delectable that you feel you have no choice but to indulge.

But under no circumstances should food used for photo shoots or commercials be eaten, says the Indonesian, who is a permanent resident here.

The rich plate of squid ink pasta? It probably contains pen ink.

And that gooey melted cheese on that juicy beef patty?

It would have undergone the “hair dryer treatment”.

Says the 32-year-old, with a laugh: “Once in a while I come across inexperienced assistants or people on the set who want to try the food for themselves.

“I’ve had to yell to stop them from putting the food into their mouths. Thankfully, none of them has ever swallowed.”

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