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He makes sacrifices for better life

February 10, 2014 - 12:19am


Mr Salim Javed and his wife Jorna. PHOTO COURTESY OF TAY KAY CHIN

He grew up in a little village called Baktabali and often saw men in his village cross the 1.5km-wide river and come back years later with so much more. When Bangladeshi Salim Javed turned 17 in 1996, he crossed the river to Dhaka and took a plane to Singapore. He has been here since, working in the construction industry.

He is now a supervisor for a small construction company, Mic Macro Contract, where he has worked for the last eight years.

Mr Salim has led a thrifty life in Singapore and saved as much as he could, most of which he sends home to his family every month, and he saved enough to build a home of his own in Bangladesh. The 35-year-old saved enough money to wed a young woman from his village whom his mother had found for him through matchmakers in February 2011. He became a father three months ago.

Mr Salim Javed’s bittersweet love story about leaving home and coming to Singapore in search of a better life is documented in a book, Made In Singapore. The book, the fifth in the series, will be officially launched tomorrow at 7.30pm at the Gallery Theatre in the National Museum.

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