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He wanted to alert public

May 11, 2014 - 11:59pm


Mr Samsudin Rahmat called TNP after his niece had been bitten by a python hiding in her toilet. TNP PHOTO: Oh Ming Xuan

Former national football player Samsudin Rahmat was shocked to hear that his niece had been bitten by a python hiding in her toilet.

He was more shocked to hear that his four-year-old grand-niece had been in that toilet just moments earlier.

It was so unbelievable, he had to call The New Paper hotline.

He said: “Imagine if the python had struck a few minutes earlier and bit my grand-niece instead.

It would have been so much more serious.

“I had to get the word out to the public, so that people can keep a closer eye on their children and not leave them alone.”

Because of his football career as a player and coach, he had built a close bond with TNP, especially with the sports section.

He said: “The first thing for me every day is to read (TNP’s) sports section. So calling the hotline is my way of giving back to the paper.”

Mr Samsudin was happy with the report, which made the front page last Thursday.

He said: “Now people know these things can happen, they will be more mindful.”

The snake was caught last Friday.

As for Madam Tira Natalia, calling the TNP hotline about her son being bullied at school helped her tackle the problem.

Her son’s school has promised to take action, and the bully’s parents have asked to meet her.

Her son is also happier going to school.

An avid reader of TNP’s sports section, Madam Tira got the idea of calling the hotline from her friends.

She said: “They feel that I should tell my story to TNP, so I can get some answers about why my son was bullied.”

When Mr M. Kishore Kumar saw smoke coming out of a Pasir Ris condominium unit, he did not have much trouble finding our hotline number as it was saved on his phone.

Mr Kishore, who works in the security industry, has been reading TNP since it was first published. He said: “I find that TNP has a better and more up-to-date coverage of local news.”

For their tip-offs, the three callers will each receive a $100 Burger King voucher.

We value your calls, so contact us at 1800-733-4455. You can also reach us via SMS or MMS at 9477-8899 or via e-mail at


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