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Husband, wife, mistress tell their sides in affair

May 18, 2014 - 12:59am



Her husband and his personal assistant had been fooling around for six months.

And despite the signs, Madam Eugenie Yong held her tongue.

But last November, when a photo of the affair appeared on Facebook, she could not keep silent any more.

She says of the photo: "The intimate smile, the glow in the woman's eyes and that hug. Any idiot could tell they were lovers."

Her husband, Mr Charles Ng, recalls how calmly his "Eugie" strode into the office and asked that the three of them "thrash things out".

However, he maintains, he could not help falling in love with his 21-year-old Vietnamese colleague Noon.

He went out of his way to spend more time with her, and on her 21st birthday, after a celebration organised by colleagues, finally convinced Miss Noon to open her heart to him.

Miss Noon refused to act on her feelings for Mr Ng.

She says: "It is not right. It doesn't matter how attracted you are to the man, but you should go far, far away the minute you know he is married."

But, she says, she couldn't stop thinking or dreaming of him.

A recent survey shows that 30 per cent of affairs are with co workers, 25 per cent with friends.

And women are more willing to forgive affairs then men.

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