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ICYMI - 9 must-see videos

May 16, 2014 - 11:59am


1) The PAP’s Youth Wing video

The video made me rewind and press play again and again... for all the wrong reasons. Their creepy recitations made me rewind and look for rotten flesh, pale skin and signs of blood. After all, I want to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

2) Toddler’s brush with death

I watched in horror as a toddler narrowly missed being hit by two cars. I watched it multiple times just to make sure it was real. And then I watched it again so the images are seared into my head – so that I’ll always hold on to my child if I become a mother.

3) Wolverine vs Hot FM 91.3 DJ

If you had any doubt that Hugh Jackman is the all-round perfect guy, this video will change your mind. He gamely (and rightly so) poked fun at Hot FM 91.3 DJ Joshua Simon’s hair when Simon asked to speak to Wolverine. Without missing a beat, Jackman played along – perhaps too well – as even Simon appeared nervous.

4) Conchita Wurst

When I saw a bearded drag queen in a gold dress at Eurovision, a typically camp singing contest, I was not all that surprised. At least, not until he started singing. I found myself almost tearing - and for once it wasn’t because I was laughing.

6) Look up from your phones

This poignant spoken word video reminds us that we have to keep our phones away and look up. It’s ironic that I did watch this video on my phone.

7) S-League goal

Admittedly not a huge football fan, I only clicked on the video after my friends told me about this amazing goal.
And indeed it was, as he scores a stunning volley goal from the halfway mark.

8) Jay Z vs Solange

Many people worldwide collectively became detectives overnight as they tried to figure out what caused the violent outburst of Beyonce’s little sister. Will the mystery ever be solved? Here’s to hoping for a tell-all book in the near future. Start placing your bets.

9) We built this city

This comprehensive 25-minute video highlights the migrant workforce that Singaporeans often forget about. Tales of employers forcefully repatriating workers are just some of the issues that the documentary explores.

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