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Roommates find $50,000 cash hidden inside $20 second-hand couch

May 16, 2014 - 10:03am


PHOTO: The Little Rebellion

Most people would be happy when they discover a dollar or two hidden in their couches.

But three roommates, living in New York, found US$40,000(S$50,088) in cash stashed inside an old, crummy couch bought in a local thrift store.

One of them, social worker Cally Guasti, said that he found the money stuffed in envelopes hidden in the couch that they bought from the Salvation Army for a mere $20.

They had felt something weird in the cushions of their couch when the three of them were watching a movie. When they found the first envelope, they started digging through the rest of the couch and found several more envelopes.

Instead of celebrating their windfall, they chose to return the money to the 91-year-old woman who had hidden it there.

The trio found a woman's name on a deposit slip and decided to contact her and deliver the money the next day.

The woman told them that she had stored her life savings in the couch before she was admitted in the hospital. When she returned, the couch was replaced with a bed by her daughter, who was not aware of the money.

Touched by their honesty, the woman gave $1,000 each to the roommates as a reward for returning the money.

Would you have returned the money?

Source: New York Daily News, ABC News, The Little Rebellion
Photo: The Little Rebellion

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