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TNP report helps resolve issue

May 26, 2014 - 12:04am


Mr Vincent Tan said residents of Block 121, Teck Whye Lane are delighted that their meeting area will stay. TNP PHOTO: GOH YAN HAN

The two sides didn’t see eye to eye.

On one side were the residents of Block 121, Teck Whye Lane.

For the past six years, they have had a cozy corner at their void deck, where they had put chairs and benches to meet and chit-chat.

On the other side was the Chua Chu Kang Town Council, which had issued a notice asking them to remove the furniture as it felt the 11 chairs and two benches were a fire hazard.

A resident called The New Paper about the disagreement, and after we carried the report earlier this month, a compromise was reached.

Mr Clarence Tan, the town council’s general manager, said the furniture would be removed only after proper seats were installed.

Residents were upset as some had been meeting there for years and had forged a close bond with one another there.

Mr Vincent Tan, whose retiree father, 75, is one of eight regulars at the corner, called TNP with the story.

It was published on May 16, and a day later, the town council went to discuss the issue with the residents.

Mr Vincent Tan, 45, said: “I didn’t know how to go about this.

“I wrote in to The New Paper and hoped they could give this issue coverage.”

He said the residents are delighted that their meeting area will stay.

He said: “I’m 100 per cent sure the chairs would have been taken away if I hadn’t contacted TNP.”

Another person, who wanted to be known only as Beau, e-mailed TNP on May 15 about the dramatic incidents that had happened on a Scoot flight from Sydney to Singapore.

He had gone to Sydney with his mother, Denise, to meet family there, and on their flight back, they saw a passenger behaving violently, needing to be restrained by other passengers and crew members.

Later, another drunk passenger made trouble and terrified others on the same flight.

Though he had an English examination the next day, Beau, 13, wanted TNP readers to know his story.

So at 11pm, he e-mailed TNP his account of what had happened on flight TZ001 the night before.

The Secondary 1 student from the Australian International school said: “I didn’t know who to write to, so I googled ‘Singaporean newspapers’ and found The New Paper.”

Their report was our front page story on May 17.

The family, who have taken seven flights between Sydney and Singapore this year, had never experienced anything like this before.

Beau’s school friends teased him for making the news.

He said: “I told only a few of them, but some whom I didn’t tell had read The New Paper and asked me if I was the one on the front page story.”

Beau said he was happy with the way the article was written, as it was easy to understand, neat and accurate.

He said that after this experience with TNP, he was interested in writing and added: “It’s pretty cool. I might consider journalism in the future.”

For their tip-offs, the two readers will each receive a $100 Burger King voucher.

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